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Photo Credit: David Noles


"Lisa Boyett! YOU are the great fun! Magnificent work the other day, truly wonderful and authentic and credible, can’t wait till our roads cross again, up ahead." David Boyd (director, Fugue)

"It has been a true pleasure collaborating with you on Ripshit. And I am immensely grateful for the performance you turned in. Greg, on paper, is a weird dude but you were able to find the heart underneath . . . and turn Greg into a compassionate character. All the while, keeping the comedy intact. Not an easy task. But you pulled it off, and then some. So thank you. I'm looking forward to the day we can work together again." Keith Fogelsong (creator/producer, Ripshit)

"I'm listening to your monologue as I write this.  The work you did with Oskar is extraordinary. I can't thank you enough for bringing your talents to this production. I love to just watch all the little things you do to build layers in your work. A real masterclass!! I hope we can work together again soon." Matt Cahoon (director, The Bøyg)

"I cannot tell you what a relief it was to find you. From your first audition, Matt and I were utterly enthralled with your work and when you and Sabrina had that callback, we saw the show so clearly that we knew we absolutely had to have you bring your considerable talent to playing Oskar. You have such an amazing eye for detailed work and one of the great joys of watching the show is seeing what Oskar is getting up to in any given scene. That last speech  is absolutely devastating and I know that in lesser hands Oskar would be completely monstrous. What a relief then that he found his way into yours, who grants him not quite redemption, but in the very least understanding. Thank you for doing my little play. I am forever grateful." A.J. Ditty (playwright, The Bøyg)

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